There are a lot of things to consider to determine the right process of taking care of a plant or a tree. Knowing the type of tree is only the first step. Recommending the exact amount of care will depend on a variety of factors. These factors include, water level/source, climate, and soil moisture. We’ve listed down some of the factors you need to consider to determine the needs of your tree.


1. SPECIES/TYPE:  Identify which species your tree belongs to. Search for the proper watering and care tips for that specie. If you need help identifying the tree, we recommend that you use a tree dictionary or you may contact us anytime to help you get answers.
2. AGE: When it comes to trees and plants, age definitely matters. Young trees require frequent watering (but less volume of water) than matured trees. You might also need to consider the amount of rainfall that you get in your area, and the amount of time the tree has been planted.
3. HEALTH: Stress is a condition not only applicable to humans and animals, but also to trees and plants. When a tree is under an amount of stress, it can grow very slowly, it can even die if you don’t pay attention to it. It will also require more water than a vigorous tree. Stressed tress will have smaller leaves, tree trunk damage, and barks falling off from the tree. Unfortunately, trees cannot speak nor complain, when they are undergoing an amount of stress. If you feel uncertain about the condition of your trees, consider hiring a certified arborist.
4. TYPE OF SOIL: Another factor to consider is the soil type. Clay soil do not absorb water easily, but holds onto water longer. There are many different types of soil available at garden centres that it can be hard to determine which soil is best suited for which purpose. To assist you in discovering what soil type you have in your backyard and how to work best with what you have, we can come and visit you to ensure that the area is suitable and safe for planting.
5. OTHER CONDITIONS: Factors such as the sun exposure, surrounding plants, and nearby water sources also influence your trees’ watering and caring needs.
If you need any help identifying your tree, you may contact us and one of our friendly team members will be in touch to listen to your needs and provide the right solution.