Crown lifting is the term used to describe the process of removing the lower branches of a tree to give the trunk of the tree more height and to assist with aesthetic growth of the tree.

What is the process of a Tree Crown Lift?

The process of a crown lift is a relatively simple one;

  1. Define the desired clear height of the trunk of the tree from the ground to where the crown begins,
  2. Remove lower branches and the portion of other branches that impeded the defined clear height,
  3. Regular maintenance to ensure that the defined clear height is maintained as the tree continues to grow.

The complexity comes in when the tree is large, there are branches that are particularly heavy or when the tree is located on a difficult to access location. Although the process is simple, it may still be difficult due to these factors. We will go through further in this article when is the right time to call a professional arborist to assist.

Why would I want to lift the crown of my tree?

The reasons for wanting to lift the crown of a tree are many and varied. Crown lifting is often carried out as part of the general maintenance of your trees. A crown lift makes the tree more aesthetically pleasing and enhances the general shape of the tree. Crown lifting can also help to frame spaces and create vistas within landscapes.

There can be practical reasons also for crown lifting. Trees that are near streets or footpaths may need a crown lift to improve visibility for drivers and for pedestrians. By raising the crown, there is more clear space to see any potential hazards. 

Crown lifting may also be needed to ensure that there is enough space at the bottom of a tree for the planned landscape or to access with a mower. A crown lift can also help when light is an issue, allowing more light to access an area either for function or to allow other plants to grow successfully.

Who can do a crown lift?

A crown lift can be done by the home gardener or by an arborist. If you are a home gardener and your tree is manageable by all means, trim the tree to achieve a crown lift.

If the tree in question is large, has multiple heavy branches, has complex access or is temperamental it is best to call a professional arborist to assist you. Professional arborists do crown lifting on a regular basis and have the proper equipment that ensures both safety and the health of the tree. An arboury professional may also be able to advise you on options for enhancing the health of the tree or methods of pruning that can assist with the trees optimal growth.

Another reason to call an arborist for crown lifting on larger trees is that they are able to assess the structural integrity of the tree as the work. Sometimes to ensure balance and strength in the tree, other branches need to be trimmed or removed to counterbalance the new tree shape. A professional arborist will be able to do this or to guide you in the best options for your tree and situation.

At Kings Landscapes, we have a team of professional arborists with up to level 8 Arboriculture qualifications. This means that the technical and structural aspects of crown lifting are well within our skill set. Whether you are a home gardener, landscaper or groundskeeper; at times you need to call in the specialists. Our team can give advice as well as provide the services you need.

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