Tree canopy lifting is the process of removing the lower branches of a tree so that the crown appears higher and more compact. It can also be referred to as crown lifting.

Tree canopy lifting, crown lifts and tree canopy raising is something that our team of arborists do regularly. We use the techniques in tree canopy raising in most of our tree management and maintenance work not just to improve the aesthetics of the tree but to ensure the optimal growth of the plant.

Benefits of Tree Canopy Lifting

The benefits of tree canopy lifting or raising are different depending on the location of the tree, the age of the tree and the function of the tree and the local environment. Some reasons that our clients cite for engaging our tree canopy raising services are:

  • Aesthetics; tree canopy lifting reveals the truck and gives an aesthetically pleasing shape to the tree. Some of our clients even say that it makes the tree look like a “real tree” again.
  • Light penetration; in order for light to penetrate the canopy of the tree, sometimes the lower branches that are impeding solar access need to be removed. This then means that lower storey plants and grasses are able to also thrive by getting enough sun. This is especially important in the winter months.
  • Load Management; this is important for fruiting trees. Significant end of limb weight in fruit trees can lead to failure of the branch when laden with fruit. This can then cause damage to the trunk of the tree and allow for disease and insects to access and infect the tree.
  • Space; by lifting the tree canopy there is space created around the base of the tree. This can provide visual access which may be important near roads and footpaths or it may provide access for mowing or gardening.

Is Tree Canopy Raising the same as tree elevation?

Yes, this is another term for the same process and pruning technique.

Can tree canopy lifting kill the tree?

No, removing the lower branches of the tree will not kill the tree, however overzealous DIY pruning can. We are often called about trees die after they have been pruned or trimmed by an inexperienced tree lopper or amateur landscaper. Professional arborists will never remove more than 25% of the crown of a tree unless there is a dire need, however, those with less experience may not realise this or may not be able to judge effectively how much is enough.

How much does tree canopy lifting cost?

Tree canopy raising or lifting costs are not fixed; the cost of the procedure will depend on numerous factors such as the size of the tree, the height of the tree, the degree of difficulty to access the tree and the equipment required. The complexity of the job is also a factor as the more complex, the more experienced and certified our arborists need to be to ensure safety and tree health.

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