We recommend a liquid organic fertiliser, such as Seasol, because it doesn’t affect the pH of your soil and it is safe for most trees including natives. Always follow the instructions that come with your chosen fertiliser.


  • Do use an organic liquid fertiliser. It is the best for your tree and it encourages the growth of beneficial soil micro-organisms. Healthy soil, healthy roots, healthy tree.
  • Do apply regularly. A monthly feed will help your tree flourish.
  • Do apply fertiliser to the foliage as well. The leaves absorb the nutrients too. Just refer to the bottle for the correct dilution rate.
  • Do make sure the soil is moist before adding the fertiliser, and give it a light water after fertilising.



  • Don’t over feed your trees.
  • Don’t store the mixture of diluted fertiliser. Once it’s mixed it should be used within 24 hours.
  • Don’t fertilise in the middle of the day. Late in the day or early in the morning is best.
  • Don’t free pour your fertiliser mix. It’s important to dilute the fertiliser according to the instructions on the bottle.