Integrated Vegetation Management Program

Action thresholds, monitoring, prevention and control
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King Landscapes can provide & implement an integrated Pest Management Plan consisting of the following Scope of Works.

With the information gathered upon inspection of a property, an integrated pest management plan can be formulated to create a successful, cost effective solution to controlling insects damaging trees. The foundations for integrated pest management are based on a four – tiered approach including:

  1. Setting action thresholds: set action thresholds which will be a point at which pest populations indicate pest control action must be taken.
  2. Monitoring and identifying pests: by monitoring and identifying the pests, it removes the possibility that pesticides will be used when they are not really needed or that the wrong kind of pesticide is used. Monitoring also ensures the appropriate control decisions are made in conjunction with action thresholds.

3. Prevent pests from becoming a threat: usually if a tree has poor health and vigor due to undesirable growing conditions, it will create more sugars and starches to overcome the problem thus making them more attractive to insect attack. By facilitating optimal growing conditions, a tree has a stronger resistance to attack.

4. Control: once monitoring, identification and action thresholds indicate that pest control is required, and preventative methods are no longer effective or available, creating a control method is required. These methods include chemical spraying, physical control, by removing dying fronds attacked by pests, and burnt to prevent further spread, killing any adults, cocoons with pupae in, and exposed larvae. Cultural controls may include removing severely infested trees, varying species of trees planted together to help prevent pests moving from one tree to the next.

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