Providing Quality Established Trees and Professional Tree Services for Landscapers.

At King Landscapes, we have been providing professional tree services to landscapers on the Gold Coast and throughout South East Queensland for more than 50 years. Our team loves to work with professional landscapers to achieve great results. We can provide a range of wholesale, specialist tree services for commercial landscapers. Our services are completed to an extremely high, professional standard; this complements the work of a landscaper, bringing their vision to life through foliage. This is why we are known for as the leaders in Gold Coast tree services.

Professional Landscape Partners

When we work with professional landscapers, we provide a superior level of service. Our company has been partnering with local landscapers throughout the Gold Coast for more than 50 years. We are proud to have provided tree services on some of the most iconic developments on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. 

Creating Beautiful Treescapes

Bringing the arboricultural component of a landscapers design to life is part of what we love about working with landscapers. We are a little biased, but we do believe that the design is not complete until the trees are planted. Our professional tree services enable us to work with the landscaper to create the treescape that will finish the project and complete the design. 

Our team includes level 8 certified arborists; this means that we have the highest professional qualifications available for arborists in Australia. Our team, therefore, can provide, not just physical tree services, but the professional advice needed to make sure that the trees chosen for the landscape are cared for and maintained well into the future.  

Commercial Tree Removal Gold Coast

Before you begin a new design, you may need to clear the site. Our professional team are the Gold Coast tree removal experts and are available for all tree removal and site clearing services. We understand that by creating a clean slate to work from, professional landscapers can often reduce costs and increase design options. If appropriate, we can arrange for existing trees to be transplanted to another site, or stored whilst the hardscaping is being completed.

Tree Supply 

At Kings Landscapes we have an extensive range of established trees available. Our trees can be supplied to your site, planted and maintained as part of our service. We specialise in tree varieties that are both popular and also thrive in the subtropical South East Queensland climate. Tree varieties such as Poinciana’s, Jacarandas and Canary Island Date Palms are the most popular of our established trees. We also carry citrus and fruiting varieties, a wide range of palms.

Professional landscapers also use our hardy, salt-resistant established trees in landscape situations that are beachside. Landscapers especially love our Pandanus trees for their striking architectural features and hardiness in beach locations on the Gold Coast and throughout Moreton Bay.

Ongoing Tree Maintenance

Once the landscaping project has been completed, our professional tree management services are available to assist with ongoing maintenance. To ensure that the landscaping looks as good in the future as when it is first completed, we are often contracted for continuous maintenance and management of the arboricultural assets.

Gold Coast Tree Services for Landscapers

When we work with professional landscapers, landscape architects and landscape designers, we can provide innovative tree solutions that are only possible when you are dealing with a tree professional. If you are a landscaper, we would love to discuss how we can assist with your next project. You are also welcome to visit our established tree farm, to see the range and quality of established trees we have available. The team at Kings are happy to arrange an obligation free quote on your project, or simply have a chat about how we can work together in the future. Get in touch by phoning 5530 2177.