Innovative tree solutions for new builds and construction projects.

King Landscapes have been providing professional tree services for builders and construction projects throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW for more than 50 years. Our team has worked on some of the most iconic residential and commercial builds in Brisbane and the Gold Coast; providing exceptional professional tree services across the region.

When the job is complicated, requires extended logistics or specialist care, our team thrives. 

Land Clearing and Tree Removal Gold Coast

We understand that builders and developers often require land clearing at the beginning of a project. Our team can clear land, remove trees and dispose of branches and stumps quickly and efficiently. As a builder, this means that you can move on with your project quickly, knowing that you can leave the tree work to a team of reliable professionals.

Tree Removal Brisbane

Whilst we are located on the Gold Coast, our expertise and reputation, means that we are often contracted for projects in Brisbane and beyond. Our team has travelled to the Western Darling Downs, down to Ballina and Byron Bay and up north to the Sunshine Coast to provide tree removal and tree transplant services for builders in both commercial and residential construction. 

Having built our reputation over 50 years, we are proud of the breadth of our services and the rate that we have clients coming back for repeat business. This is why we love working with builders; we can cultivate a relationship that can last many years and can grow many trees in the process!

Professional Arborist Gold Coast & Brisbane for delicate tree transplants

Our team includes arborists that have Level 8,5 & 3 Arboricultural qualifications. Our team are both qualified and experienced in the more unique and complex areas of arboriculture. We specialise in removing trees, maintaining them for the duration of the build, and returning them once the builders have completed their work on the site. Removing and replanting trees is delicate and risky work and should only be done by those with a track record for success. We have successfully completed removal/replants on trees that are more than 100 years old; a feat that we are incredibly proud of.

Gold Coast Tree Service

There are several other tree services that builders on the Gold Coast and throughout the region call on King Landscapes for. These include;

  • Tree shaping
  • Branch removal 
  • Palm cleaning
  • Tree Transplant
  • Root management; such as root pruning or root barrier installation.

Established Tree Supply

At King Landscapes we have an extensive range of established trees that can be transported anywhere in Australia for a local arborist to plant. If you are located in Southern Queensland or Northern New South Wales, we can supply, plant and maintain your tree for you.

There is nothing that makes a new home build feel more established than a fully grown tree. Our trees are grown on the Gold Coast and are particularly suited to our warm and dry climate. We have significant experience in transplant and guarantee the success of trees that we supply.

Partnerships with Local Landscapers

Our team has been partnering with local landscapers to create seamless treescapes for new residential and commercial builds for many years. We can work with your landscape team to add shape and structure to any existing trees or to complete your build with new, established trees. 

If you do not currently work with a landscaper, we are still able to help. We can either recommend a great landscaping partner, or we can contract directly to the builder or construction company for tree supply or any tree services that are needed.

We would love to invite you to get in touch with the friendly team at King Landscapes on 07 5530 2177 for an obligation free quote for the tree needs on your next job.