How to tell the experienced arborists from the cowboys.

The Gold Coast can be full of cowboys: “tradespeople” who claim they are professionals but are really just out to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, our city is known for these types of scams, and it happens in the tree care business just like in other industries. 

The biggest concern when it comes to hiring a “cowboy” tree lopper is not just that they will take your money and do a poor quality job; it is that they could do real damage. This damage could very quickly include damage to your tree, home or property. 

The other, and much larger concern is that the damage done by unqualified tree loppers could extend to humans. Incorrect practices or a disregard for safety can lead to endangering lives. Tree pruning and branch removal require a thorough understanding of the tree variety, local conditions and even the physics of branch removal. Arborists know how to prune, chop and lop trees so that they are safe both when they are being cut, and as they continue to grow.

What to look for when you need your trees cared for:

Qualified Arborists

When you are looking for a tree care professional, make sure you ask the company if their arborists are qualified and what level of qualification they have. For tree pruning and removal, you want to work with arborists that have at least a level 5 qualification.

Ask about Insurance

It is vitally important that your tree professionals have up to date and comprehensive insurance. The insurance should include professional indemnity, damage insurance and public liability insurance. Do not compromise when it comes to insurance; otherwise, you will be paying the bill should something go wrong.

How long have they been in business?

Cowboy tree loppers tend to be flashes in the pan; sticking around for a season or two and then moving on. When you are looking for a tree care professional, ask how long they have been in business and how long they have been on the Gold Coast. Remember, the companies that have been around for the longest are the ones who have stood the test of time; a recommendation in itself.

Free Quotes

Tree Care Professionals will offer free quotes. Because they have a professional attitude, they will want to survey the landscape and check for hazards before they work out a price. If your tree lopper tells you to send through a photo or wants to charge for a quote, then they are not acting professionally.


Ask your potential tree care company what mechanisms they use to ensure safety during tree pruning and removal. They should have a range of tools that they can employ, including trucks, Elevated Work Platforms, rigging and cranes should they need to use them.

How is the site left after the tree is pruned or removed?

Ask the company about clean up procedures and how they plan to leave the site once they have completed the job. Professionals will often offer to mulch your branches so you can use them on the garden, or altogether remove the debris from the job. 

Points of Caution

  • Avoid engaging tree services on platforms like Gumtree, Facebook and Airtasker. These platforms are ripe for “cowboy tree loppers” to offer their services with little to no accountability.
  • Look for real websites. All professionals will have a proper website to advertise their services. If they do not, they are probably a one-person band and proceed with caution.

When you are looking for a company to assist you with caring for your trees, look no further than Kings Landscapes. Kings are the most reputable tree professionals on the Gold Coast, and have been in businesses for more than 50 years. Kings Landscapes have level 8 qualified arborists to ensure the maximum safety for tree removal and tree pruning. The King’s team can also provide you with professional advice when it comes to the safety, integrity and risks associated with the trees on your property. 

For the experts in tree care and management on the Gold Coast, call Kings Landscapes.

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