An arborist is a tree professional who is certified in the growth and development of trees, shrubs and other wooded plants; an arborist can also be called a tree surgeon or arboriculturist. The term arborist most often refers to the person who prunes, shapes and fells trees. The arborist usually works at heights and is qualified in the safe use of ropes to cut down trees or remove tree branches.

Arborists and arborculturalists are the tree professionals. Here is a snapshot of some of the roles that they fill in the landscape team.

Tree planting advice 

Arborists are qualified in the growth and development of trees. They are the experts to call when planning a landscape and can provide advice on what type of trees to plant, whether to opt for mature or young trees and how best to position the tree in the landscape for maximum health and tree growth.

Tree growth training

Arborists can help some varieties of trees to grow in specific directions. There are many reasons why you may need to “train” a tree such as for architectural purposes, to manipulate sunlight or for privacy. An arborist will be able to assist you in getting the results you want from your tree.

Tree removal

An arborist can remove your unwanted trees. There are many reasons why you may want to remove a tree from your property; from safety reasons, to aesthetic ones. An arborist can remove the tree and also advise the property owners if they are after a more appropriate replacement.

Pest Management

Pests such as borers, can cause significant damage to trees, even leading to tree death. Arborists and tree surgeons can manage pest problems to ensure that the pests are eradicated, and the tree is healthy. Long term management is critical when it comes to tree pests, and an arborist or tree surgeon will be able to monitor the affected and neighbouring trees to make sure that the pests stay away.

Tree Shaping for Aesthetics

Arborists are experts at pruning and shaping trees, no matter the size, to maximise their natural beauty. Perfectly shaped trees and hedges are the bread and butter of the professional arbourer.

Keep Trees To a Manageable Size

If you have a tree that has the potential to grow very large, an arborist is the tree professional to call to keep the tree from growing too large for your garden. Arborists know how to strategically trim trees to maximise healthy growth whilst keeping the tree from growing too tall. 

The King Landscape team includes arborists who work alongside local property owners, landscapers, builders and developers to create a treescape that will last well into the future. Landscapers love to work with arborists, as they make the landscaper’s vision come to life in both the short and long term. The landscaper’s creative dream, combined with the expertise and skill of the arborist, will lead to picture-perfect gardens that are the envy of the neighbourhood.

If you are looking for professional tree services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or anywhere in South East Queensland then the team at King Landscapes are here to help. The King’s team provides expert advice, tree services and can even supply established trees from their very own tree farm. For more information on the services of the King Landscape arborists, call the friendly team on 07 5530 2177.