Full maintenance and storm mitigation tree services for Gold Coast and Brisbane Schools

At King Landscapes, we have been helping local schools maintain their trees for decades. We work with schools throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane, as well as Northern New South Wales, to provide extensive maintenance services to ensure that trees in schools are safe and healthy.

Why are trees important for schools?

Trees are an essential part of South East Queensland school environments. Trees in school grounds are not just lovely to look at but provide functional benefits as well. These benefits include;

  • Aesthetics – trees look beautiful and create a visually appealing addition to any school campus.
  • Shaded areas for children to eat and play – not only providing cool places to sit but also helping to protect children from the harsh effects of the sun at those middle of the day lunch and play times.
  • Creative outdoor learning spaces – some exceptionally creative areas have been designed in schools that use trees to create spaces that are then able to be used as outdoor classrooms.
  • Improves air quality – having trees in a local environment helps to enhance the quality of air.
  • Provides shade for buildings – this keeps the buildings cooler and can decrease cooling costs.
  • Transpiration cooling of the campus – trees create a cool microclimate.
  • Less Stress – Trees have been shown to create calmer kids and have other mental health benefits.

What are the dangers of poorly maintained school trees?

The benefits of trees in schools are many and varied. However, it is also important to note that there can be some disadvantages of trees in school environments. Poorly maintained trees, especially the most common school tree in all of South East Queensland, the gum tree, can be dangerous and can drop limbs and branches. 

Gum trees should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure that they contain no dead or poorly balanced branches that are liable to drop. 

Trees that are damaged during storms can cause damage to school buildings and to the school landscaping. Minimising this damage is part of appropriate arboricultural management. Risk identification, tree surveys and preventative maintenance are all important steps in risk management of trees on school campuses. They should only be carried out by a professional arborists, such as the team of Level 5 and Level 8 qualified arborists at King Landscapes.

Our risk management processes also extend to fire risk management. Gum trees are highly flammable and with the current dry conditions, it is important to get professional advice on the risk mitigation strategies that can be put in place to ensure that any damage from fire on your school campus is limited.

What packages are available for schools?

At King Landscapes we tailor all our packages for the individual client; however some services are standard for all of our school clients;

  • Professional Arborists Tree Risk Identification and Management Planning
  • Tree Pruning, branch removal and clean up
  • Tree removal as needed
  • Tree transplantation as needed.

Our team prefers to do any non-emergency work on school campuses during the school holidays to allow for easier access of our equipment and to minimise the disruption to the school whilst our services are underway. As you can imagine, seeing a person 20 metres up in the air trimming tree branches can be very distracting for young students!

Of course, if there is a storm, a sudden change in the condition of the tree or any other need for emergency tree services, we are happy to work around your school timetable to ensure minimal disruption.

To find out more about the professional tree services that we are able to provide for schools, please get in touch with our friendly team by calling 07 5530 2177. We would love to arrange a site visit and obligation free quote for both initial and ongoing school vegetation management.