Supporting Local Council Landscape and Maintenance Teams

At King Landscapes we work closely with South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales Local Councils to provide professional tree services that support the work of the parks and recreation departments of the council. We like to say that we work in support of the work of the local council; providing an extension of their services when specialist techniques, equipment or knowledge are required.

What services do you provide to local councils?

Our team are often called in to do the specialist work that requires arboricultural qualifications. This includes but is not limited;

  • Tree maintenance such as tree and branch pruning at heights
  • Tree removal
  • Branch removal
  • Crown lifting or thinning
  • Tree canopy thinning, or
  • Dead wooding 

One of the main reasons that a council will call for our services is for the removal and transplant of existing trees. 

Local Council Tree Removal and Transplanting

As public spaces change and the way that people use them has adapted, there has been a change in the need and function of trees. Parks, gardens, foreshores, roads and urban areas in the Gold Coast and surrounding regions have definitely changed since we started working with councils back in the 1970s. 

As the population has increased, and the value of tree scaping and public infrastructure has also grown. Here are just a few examples of where established trees can be used in local government applications; 

  • Foreshore redevelopments 
  • Vegetation regeneration and management projects
  • Road shoulders, roundabouts and verges
  • Parks
  • Cemeteries
  • Local government buildings and infrastructure.

Our team is well known for the ability to successfully remove, store and then replant trees for local government applications. By replanting a tree in the same or very similar location, you have a greater chance of transplant success, as well as keeping the same look and feel of the area. The added benefit is that the established, transplanted tree is fully grown and able to be of benefit to the local community straight away. 

It is essential to manage each step of this delicate transplant process with care; this is why King Landscapes have such a reputation for excellence in this specialist tree service.

Focus on Pandanus: Transplanting and Replanting 

Miami Foreshore Beach Redevelopment

Back in 2014, King Landscapes was able to provide specialist tree services to assist in the rehabilitation of the Miami foreshore and the restoration of the sea wall at this location. The pandanus palms that were an integral part of the Miami foreshore were wanting to be retained by the council, both for conservation and aesthetic purposes. The nature of the redevelopment and build meant that the pandanus trees needed to be removed for the duration of the project.

King Landscapes was called in to remove the 11 Pandanus trees, store them safely for the duration of the project and then replant some of them once the project was completed, or to transplant some to a new location immediately.

This project was broad in scope and required careful planning and execution to ensure that the trees remained in optimal condition to withstand either the transplant or the storage and replant. It is great to be able to wander along the Miami foreshore some years later and see how the area has regenerated, the sea wall has stopped the erosion, and the Pandanus’ are all thriving in their new locations.

If you are a local council looking to engage a company to provide professional tree services that complement the work of your in house team, then the crew from King Landscapes are the best in the business. With decades of experience and the highest possible professional arboricultural qualifications, the King team can provide you with advice as well as tree services. Give the friendly team at King Landscapes a call on 5530 2177 to arrange a site inspection and free consultation.