Defining style and creating value with trees 

As a Gold Coast business with over 50 years of experience maintaining, removing, planting and transplanting trees, we have worked with a diverse range of property developers. We have literally been “growing” the Gold Coast for the past five decades.

Established Trees Create Value

Working with property developers, we have seen time and time again how the use of established trees in the main areas and as selected treescapes can add both character and value to an otherwise barren landscape. When a residential development is being finalised, the correct choice in soft scaping can add a distinct personality to the precinct.

In our experience, we have found this to be particularly true in boutique and high-end developments. Finishing the streetscaping with established trees means that the perceived value of the development is improved for the potential buyer.

Tree Choice defines Style 

The choice of tree that is used in an area also helps to define the style of the area. Some great examples of this are the pine forests of Pacific Pines, the Pandanus trees of Salt Village at Kingscliffe and the native gum trees of Coomera Waters. All these established trees set the tone and style of the residential development.

This can also extend to commercial developments. The iconic Canary Island Date Palms of Surfers Paradise set the coastal tone but their size, majesty and positioning reflect the ostentatiousness of the Surfers lifestyle.

Telling a Story with Foliage

The beauty of a well-chosen range of trees within a new development is that each different variety can contribute to the story that you want to tell. Established trees are the easiest way to capture the imagination of the potential buyer and to help them visualise the area when it is completed. In our experience, we have found this especially important when selling new home sites. Creative landscapers and developers will work with us to choose trees that tell the story of the families that will live in these areas well after the homes have been built.

Where it all began – Sanctuary Cove Tree Supply

Sanctuary Cove was a landmark development on the Gold Coast in the 1980s. The development of Sanctuary Cove, really signified the coming of age of the modern Gold Coast. Our team was a part of the supply and planting of the signature palm trees of the development. We were also responsible for some of the land clearing and tree removal to create the space needed for the new golf courses, homes, hotels and shopping precinct that was to come as part of the development.

The beauty of supplying trees for commercial and property developers on the Gold Coast is that we get to see how the trees grow over the years, and how the very choice of tree can help define a location. The palms at Sanctuary Cove do just that. They provide a sense of Mediterranean opulence right here on the Gold Coast and have helped to provide a high end, luxury atmosphere that continues in the development to this day.

Our team love to work with both property developers directly and also with landscapers who are contracted to new developments. We are tree experts and are unreservedly passionate about trees. We take pride in making sure the variety of tree that is chosen fits the tone, design and direction of the development, as well as being appropriate for the location and the soil type. Our expertise and the wide variety of established trees available on our Mudgeeraba tree farm mean that there is always a tree perfect for your project or to complete your new development. Get in touch with the friendly team at King Landscapes on 07 5530 2177 to talk trees.