Could a tree transplant be a solution for your garden?

One problem with gardening is that it takes time for trees to grow and for you to therefore get the benefit of having mature trees in your yard. If you do not want to wait a decade to get the result that you are after, then you should consider a mature tree. Mature trees make a statement in landscaping and are a great way to make a new home look established or add charm and character to an existing home.

So, why should you consider a tree transplant with an established mature tree for your garden or project? Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons.

Shade: Mature Trees have immediate shade impact

When landscaping with mature trees as opposed to saplings or juvenile trees, you have the instant advantage of shade. Most mature trees are planted, not just for the visual impact, but for the addition of shade to the home. Why wait when you can have the benefits of a mature tree through tree transplanting.

Immediate Privacy and Screening

The beauty of a mature tree is the tree will act as intended in the design of the landscape from day one. There are many reasons why you made need instant screening, and a mature tree is the best option, here are just a few that we encounter regularly;

·  New Pool Installation often means that the glare of tiles or the visibility to the area requires immediate softening with foliage.

·  New Builds or Renovations next door. If your neighbour renovates or a new build is completed in your neighbourhood, your privacy and quiet enjoyment may be compromised.

·  Renovations to your home may mean that the existing shrubbery or landscaping does not provide enough screening.

Fruit Trees will be ready for harvest sooner

If you are looking at planting fruit trees, then consider a tree transplant of a more mature tree so that you can start enjoying the fruits of your harvest sooner and with more regularity. Often smaller trees that are sold in nurseries with fruit are not going to thrive once replanted, and a better alternative is a more mature tree from a quality local tree farm.

Temperature and Climate Control for your home

Controlling temperature and minimising the use of air conditioners is a big issue in the summer months. A great way to lower your power bills this summer is to invest in a mature tree that will provide shade to your home. Mature trees not only cool the house by reflecting the suns rays and shielding the home from the heat of the sun, but they also cool the environment by a process known as transpiration cooling. Transpiration cooling is the storage and release of moisture into the atmosphere by mature trees, creating a micro-climate. Even wondered why it feels cool next to a tree? This is the reason. In some cases you may want seasonal foliage to help cool your home in summer and allow the sun to heat it in winter. At Kings Landscaping we can advise you on the best deciduous trees for precisely that purpose.

Add value to your home

Mature trees add significant value to a home. A mature tree will make your home seem more established if it is new and is an impressive way to finalise a new build landscape design. If you are planning to sell, a statement tree can make your house appear more attractive to buyers and make newly finished landscaping look complete, adding significant dollars onto your selling price.

Mature Trees are an excellent alternative for a range of landscaping applications, but it is vital to consult the professionals when it comes to tree transplanting. A mature tree is an investment, and whilst DIY mature tree transplanting is a popular option, it can be easy to make expensive mistakes. We have seen many do it yourself tree transplanters who buy mature trees from Bunnings and waste significant money because they do not have the knowledge, experience or equipment for a successful tree transplant.

At Kings Landscaping we have been transplanting trees on the Gold Coast for more than 50 years. We know how to manage a tree transplant so that the tree thrives in its new location and is an asset to the customer straight away. We are also experts in what trees work best in your area of the Gold Coast. For the local experts with the experience you can rely on, get in touch with the team at Kings Landscaping on 07 5530 2177.