Protecting your home before the storm season.

In South East Queensland we are no stranger to a fierce summer storm. Cyclones and tropical depressions often go as far south as the Gold Coast, wreaking havoc on our beaches, waterways and our gardens. Now is the time to make sure that you and your yard are prepared for whatever nature sends to us this storm season.

When it comes to preparing your home for summer, you mustn’t forget about your trees. Each year in Queensland there is a significant number of contested insurance claims and civil suits, all due to damage caused when trees fall during storms and damage property. The majestic gum trees that line our streets, parks and yards are usually the cause of this damage; and it is not just the tree falling during a storm that causes damage. Significant damage can also be done to homes, cars and property when our glorious gums drop their limbs in vicious storms.

As a property owner, you must prepare your home for the summer storm season. Here are six ways that you can be ready for this summer, no matter what the weather.

  1. Look up and Inspect

The first thing that you need to do to protect your family and your property this storm season is to head outside and lookup. Take a walk around your property, noting any changes since last summer. Trees can grow quickly, even in drought conditions, and trees that were once only small may now be an issue. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • If a tree fell, would it reach my home, deck, carport or cars?
  • Are there any gum trees more than one storey high within 10 meters of my home, deck, carport or cars?
  • Are there any trees close to powerlines near my property?
  • Have any of my trees grown where they could be a danger to the powerlines during a storm?
  • Do I have any leafy trees that could easily clog my gutters during a violent storm?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then it is well-advised for you to call the arborist or tree lopper to assess your trees and work out a plan for tree trimming or tree removal.

  1. Trim your trees

A good rule of thumb for whether or not you should tackle your tree trimming yourself is if you can safely cut the required branches without a ladder using standard garden tools and equipment. If you need a ladder or professional tools, then you need a tree lopper. 

For those trees that it is safe to trim yourself, make sure you remove all branches that could cause damage to your home or clog up your gutters.

  1. Check your tree roots

Even if your trees look sound, it is vital to look at the roots of the trees. If the tree is large, then calling an expert to check the roots is just as important as checking the branches of the tree. Arborists are landscaping professionals that are experts at tree management and can assist with understanding the tree roots and whether they are strong enough to withstand a bad Gold Coast storm.

  1. Clean your gutters and check your drains

Clean gutters mean that when it rains heavily, either during or after a storm, the water can flow out to your stormwater drains. Gutters that are clogged with leaf litter fill up quickly when it rains and can cause damage to your garden or even water damage inside the house. It is imperative to make sure that your gutters are cleaned thoroughly at the beginning of summer. 

Whilst you are cleaning the gutters, take a moment to look at your stormwater runoff system. Make sure that there are no debris blockages or that tree roots have not grown into your stormwater drains over the year.

  1. Plan for loose items during a storm

When a storm hits, the loose items around your yard will need to be moved to a safe location so that they do not become projectiles during violent winds. Make sure you have a space where you can put your outdoor furniture, bbq, toys and other loose items when the storm hits.

  1. Check your insurance

Even if you have managed your trees properly, your neighbours may not have! This is Queensland and storms can be ferocious; make sure that your insurance policy covers damage from trees and tree branches during a storm so that when the rains come you can enjoy them knowing you are fully protected.

Living in Queensland comes with many advantages but also some responsibilities. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that your property is prepared to weather the harsh summer cyclonic winds and tropical storms that are part of living in this beautiful part of the world.

At Kings Landscaping, we are the experts in landscaping, tree removal and tree lopping. We offer free quotes to assess your property in readiness for the Gold Coast summer. With more than 50 years of experience on the Gold Coast, the arborists at Kings are your number one choice for professional advice when it comes to landscaping. Call 07 5530 2177 to book a Summer Storm Readiness Assessment today.