When to call the tree experts and when you can do the clean up yourself.

Summer is upon us, and the summer storms have started already; but what should you do with the aftermath of a storm? How do you safely remove a storm-damaged tree from your property, or how do you even know if it is safe to remove the debris? 

In this article, we will take a look at common damage that is caused to trees by storms and what to look out for when cleaning up.

1. Check for powerlines

Fallen powerlines can be deadly. Visually assess all the powerlines surrounding your property after a storm. Ensure that they are intact and have no debris on them; if there are any concerns with the powerlines in your neighbourhood, call 000 or your local electricity supplier.

2. Assess the damage

After any storm, it is crucial to assess the damage both to your property, your yard and your trees. Once you have determined that your tree has been damaged, take a moment to look closely and assess the damage. What is the extent of the damage? Is there a limb broken? Has the trunk of the tree suffered injury? Is the tree on a lean? 

3. Repair minimal damage

If the damage is minimal, and the affected branches are small, you may be able to remove the damaged branches yourself. To prevent decay, fungus and borers in your tree, removing any jagged breaks is essential. A clean wound heals the best.

4. Call the arborist for large, high or unstable branches

Arborists are the tree professionals that you call if you need help after a storm. Branches that are heavy and hanging dangerously, high branches and those with difficult access are best left to the professionals. The arborist will be able to remove the damaged branches and make sure the tree is structurally sound after the storm damage.

5. What to do if the damage is too severe

A professional arborist will be able to assess the tree and help you make the call if the tree needs to be removed. Sometimes the damage is just too significant; if more than half of the crown of the tree has been damaged by the storm, then it is often unsalvageable. If the tree was already diseased, the damage could be more profound; usually in these cases, the only safe thing to do is to remove the tree.

The tree may also need to be removed if it is on a lean, the trunk is split or if there has been repeated damage to the tree in previous storms. 

Prevention is better than cure.

The old adage is true in this situation; and preparing for storm season by trimming your trees and having branches assessed and removed by an arborist before storm season will prevent you from having to deal with significant damage after a storm. 

To arrange a storm season assessment of your trees around your home, business or organisation, call the friendly team at King Landscapes on 07 5530 2177. Our team is available for storm season assessments throughout the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

To get help after a storm, you can also call the King Landscape team to clean up any storm damage to your trees, remove damaged tree branches and to assess and potentially remove damaged trees. The King’s team includes level 8 qualified arborists; this means that they can evaluate your tree for structural integrity and help you decide if the tree needs to be removed.