With the Christmas Season now upon us it is time to take a look at lighting our trees for Christmas. Outdoor Christmas Trees can look spectacular and even just placing some fairy lights around the trees in your front yard can look great, but there are some things to keep in mind when planning your festive tree lighting.

1. Do ensure your trees are healthy and ready for lights.

In Australia, the festive season, storm season and fire season are one and the same, depending on where you live. If you are lucky enough to live in subtropical Southern Queensland or Northern New South Wales, we get both storm season and fire season at the one time! Planning for fire season is essential, and making sure your property and trees are well maintained before the summer storms hit is also extremely important. At King Landscapes, we provide homeowners, businesses, schools, local governments and large corporations with advice and specialist tree services that will get your trees in tip-top shape for the summer months.

2. Don’t take risks with electricity.

Make sure you are using safe, outdoor electrical sockets, leads and weatherproof connection boxes. It will rain this summer, so your extension cords must be weatherproof. Don’t overload your power points and if you are in any doubt as to the safety of your Christmas tree lighting, get your electrician to check over the setup to certify it’s safety. 

If you are a commercial entity, unless the lights are straightforward, it is wise to call an electrician to check your lights; this can help to avoid any possible litigation or voiding of insurance should the unimaginable happen.

3. Do use solar lights if you can

Solar lights are a great alternative to traditional lights for both festive tree lights and for all year tree lighting. Check the specification of the product to make sure that the lights will last for as long as you need them (some only last an hour or two) and where the solar panel needs to be located to charge the lights. With some planning, solar tree lights can be an affordable and safe option for your outdoor Christmas tree lighting.

4. Don’t take risks hanging lights at heights.

When you are installing your festive tree lighting, make sure that you are keeping safe at all times. Place ladders on solid, stable, flat surface and make sure that you have an assistant to hold the ladder secure and to help you stay safe. 

5. Do look after your tree.

Remember that your tree is a living, breathing organism. Lights that are too hot can burn the tree or cause other damage, lights that are too heavy can cause damage to branches and become a storm hazard. Don’t use tacks or nails to secure lights to the tree as this can also cause damage and be an entry point for borers when the nail is removed.

6. Don’t use indoor lights outdoor.

Sounds like a simple one but make sure you check when you purchase the lights, where they are meant to be used. Using interior lights outdoors is dangerous, so please make sure you use the right lights for the correct location.

At King Landscapes we love trees, and we think that trees should be celebrated, lit up and made a focal point at all times of the year – especially Christmas time. Before you put up your Christmas lights, make sure that your trees are fit and healthy, dead branches are removed and any branches that could cause damage during a storm are seen to by a professional.

To arrange a summer tree audit to prepare your home, business or commercial property for summer and the Christmas season, get in touch with the friendly team at King Landscapes on 07 5530 2177. The King team are courteous, professional and reliable; and with a record of over 50 years in the business, there is no other choice for professional tree services on the Gold Coast and surrounds.